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Back to School Special | How to set goals?

Back to school is already here! And who says back to school means (alas!) the end of summer.

But as they say: The end of one thing means the beginning of another.

So it's good to start thinking about what you want your new year to look like?

The importance of setting goals

By setting clear goals, we can get a little closer to our ideal life.

The road to success is long, but if we do it right, we can accelerate our progress. That's why in order to achieve success, we need to think about the goals we want to achieve.

My back to school: My goals

1- Take a piece of paper and a pencil (you can also write on your phone or computer)

2- Find a time and place where you can give yourself some personal time.

3- Take a few moments to relax so that your mind is clear. You can take, for example, a few deep breaths through your nose.

4- Start by writing a list. This list could be titled: Here is what I would like/need. Write down everything that comes to mind, without judgment, spontaneously.

5- Read your list again.

6- From this list, identify the words that represent what is most important to you. You can circle them or highlight them.

7- From the words you have chosen, establish your goals for the year. Make sure they are specific, clear, achievable, realistic and positive.

8- Write down your goals in a place that you can easily consult each day. For example, you can send a text message on your phone or send an email to yourself.

9- Every morning, as you eat your breakfast or coffee, review your goals. Take a moment to see how you can achieve them. If necessary, you can add or make changes to your list.

10- Encourage yourself and remember that changes are made one step at a time.

**IMPORTANT** Throughout the process, do not judge yourself and keep your goals in mind. Taking the time to know where you want to go is already a big step in the right direction.

Have a great first day of school!

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