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Equality VS Equity

Equality and equity are words that are often used as if they have the same meaning. However, it is important to distinguish between them in order to use them properly. Although these concepts are related, they both refer to different forms of action in accessing social justice.


When we talk about equality, we are talking more about sameness. In the sense that equality is based on giving everyone the same thing so that they can thrive and live healthily. But giving everyone the same thing doesn't mean it's fair.

Equality implies that all people are equal before the law and that no individual condition stands in the way of the recognition of these rights. But how can we ensure that all human beings receive equal treatment and value when we are in a world full of prejudice and discrimination?


Equity, by the way, means justice. It is based on a willingness to understand people and to give them what they need to thrive and live healthily. It is a state of mind that is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

It exists to correct historical and structural inequalities based on factors such as class, education, ethnicity, gender, disability, and other possible conditions that mean that not everyone has access to the same opportunities, nor do we have the same advantages.


The concept of equality came long before the concept of equity. Equality was one of the principles of the French Revolution. It was even considered a right in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789. It was only about 200 years later that the concept of equity began to be used.

Equality has served those who have recognized themselves as equals, but what have they done with women, Aboriginal and Afro-descendant populations, people living in poverty, people with disabilities and others? Because of this, we can understand that equality is like a goal; an ideal still unattainable. Whereas equity is more considered as the efforts and mechanisms to achieve it.

Equality is the ultimate goal.

Equity is a way of doing justice to pre-established injustices that work against the ultimate goal of equality.

Words have a particular power

They allow us to clearly communicate what we want to say. This is when it is important to understand the difference between two similar concepts. If you ever have questions about words that you commonly use, but are unsure of their true meaning, feel free to leave us comments.

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