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Happy Life | Where to start?

It's hard to explain how to "live a happy life" when everyone has their own definition of happiness. Some people want to travel, some want to earn as much money as possible, some want to start a family, while others just want to achieve professionally. And all definitions are good!

However, there are 3 essential things to do every day to get closer to a happier life.

1 - Positivity

One of the first things to do to "live a happy life" is to find the positive in everyday events. When we talk about positivism, we don't mean "living in a fantasy land", but rather accepting life as it is and bouncing back despite the trials. It doesn't mean repressing one's sorrows and discontents either. It's really more about accepting that there are darker moments, but not getting lost in them.

In order to work on your positivity, you have to believe in yourself. One tip for this is to make an intentional statement to yourself every morning. That is, talk to yourself and state what is most important to you.

Example: "I am important and I will not let myself be pushed around today" or "I am creative and today I will fix the problems that happened yesterday at the office."

Another key to living a happier life is to have gratitude. It is important to understand and emphasize what we are grateful for in life. Of course, we have the unfortunate tendency to focus on what we lack or what is not going well in our lives. On the other hand, thinking every day about what we have accomplished, what we have achieved, and being grateful for what we have, brings us back to the positive. And it feels so good to look at your life in a positive light, believe us!

2- Motivation

Having goals in life is what keeps us going. It is one of the most important things to "live a happy life". To do this, we need to set goals and dreams and do the necessary actions to achieve them. And here we can talk about small goals like cleaning the house or going outside once a day. Our tip to help you is to make a cross on your calendar every time you take an action to reach your goal. The goal is to not skip any days.

If you lack motivation for one day, it wouldn't be so bad, but don't forget that a good habit can easily be lost. So let's get motivated, think positively and take the necessary actions to reach our goals!

3- Maintain good relationships

The human being being being of social nature, he needs the others to feel good in the life. Each person we meet during the day has an impact on us and our well-being.

For example, if someone criticizes you constantly, it will succeed in making you lose confidence in yourself. If someone does not stop pushing you to complete a task, it will succeed in making you stressed, etc.

Conversely, with friends and family, some are able to put a smile back on our face with a snap of the fingers. That's why it's important to take good care of these positive relationships. Don't forget to call, text and/or visit your loved ones, because it is the moments and memories shared with your loved ones that are most important in the world.

Laughing, supporting, helping each other... It is also with these positive relationships that we can live a happy life!

In conclusion, these small actions to apply will help you to change your daily life little by little and will allow you to move each day a little more towards the ideal of life that you wish; YOUR happy life.

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