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Our mission

Offer education, facilitation, accompaniment, support, awareness and listening services to poor women and/or women living in difficult situations, aimed at contributing to their socio-economic integration, fulfillment and autonomy . As well as offering transitional, safe and confidential accommodation to women and children who are victims of post-separation domestic violence.

Who are we?

The Center des Femmes de Montréal-Est / Pointe-aux-Trembles is a community organization that works to break the social isolation of women, to help them defend their rights and facilitate their socio-economic integration. We work with existing donors and approach potential donors to help us grow, innovate, expand our reach and sustain our services.

At the Center des Femmes de Montréal-Est / Pointe-aux-Trembles, we offer a space of trust where women can express themselves and be heard, regardless of their needs, their origin and their social status. For the quality of our work, we have earned the trust of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, elected officials, businesses, community organizations, citizens and our donors.

Our actions are framed on a strong voluntary investment, a solid network of partners and donors who all believe that listening attentively to the realities of our neighborhood makes it possible to understand the needs of an entire community.

Our team is equipped to help women control their immediate situation, solve daily problems on their own and refer them to the appropriate resources to find help in acute situations.

Mutual assistance is an essential tool to enable one to transfer life experiences, knowledge and skills to the other. This is how hundreds of women who are going through difficult times receive the support they need to meet their challenges from their fellow citizens.








Our values

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