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For Yoga Lovers | Mini Session

How lucky we were to be able to do yoga with you during our Thursday morning classes! We remember the many laughs and the beautiful exchanges full of friendship!

This summer, the classes are on break, but there is no question of stopping yoga. Yoga helps us to feel good, both mentally (relaxation, present moment, inner silence) and physically (balance, flexibility, good health in general). So, I have prepared a short and easy yoga sequence for you to do alone or with your friends, until our activities resume in September.

Easy Mini Yoga Sequence

Preparation before your session:

  • Take the test to see if it's best to do your yoga standing or in a chair. Test: To do standing yoga, you must be able to get up off the floor without help; otherwise you will need a chair.

  • Get out a chair, yoga mat or thick blanket depending on your test results.

  • If possible, remove your shoes (be barefoot or with non-slip socks).

  • Choose if you want to do the session in silence or put on relaxing music.

Beginning of the session:

Always begin with deep breathing.

On a chair:

1. Sit comfortably.

2. Put your feet flat on the floor.

3. Put your hands on your thighs, palms facing the sky.

4. Close your eyes.

5. We inhale by inflating the belly.

6. We exhale by emptying the air of our belly.

7. We become aware of whether our breath is fast or slow, deep or surface.

8. We try to slow down and deepen our breathing as much as possible.

To do this, we can try one of the following techniques:

1- Say "I breathe in" and "I breathe out" to really focus on the actions we are doing.

2- Or count how many seconds it takes to breathe in and out and try to increase the number of seconds with each breath.

9. We let our thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.

Lying on the ground:

1. Lie on the floor on your back on your yoga mat or thick blanket.

2. Let our arms rest at our sides.

3. Put your palms facing the sky.

4. We apply the same techniques as chair yoga (from point 4.)

The 2 basic yoga postures

Posture of the mountain

  • We stand up (next to our chair)

  • We have the legs slightly spread

  • We put the arms along the body, slightly released from the body

  • Open your hands as if ready to receive new energy

  • We take a moment to feel the contact with the ground under our feet

  • We feel solid and strong

  • Relax your shoulders, keep your back straight

  • Take 3 deep breaths

Standing half moon posture

  • We start from the mountain posture

  • If necessary, you can hold one hand on the back of the chair to maintain your balance

  • Stretch your right arm in a half circle upwards

  • Raise your arm slowly, stretching to your fingertips

  • Raise your arm to the vertical position

  • Tilt your arm over your head as if you were forming a half moon with your arm

  • Take 3 deep breaths

  • We take the time to feel the stretching of the body as if the ribs on the side of the raised arm were opened in fan

  • We bring the arm back down by stretching until the end of the fingers while going down slowly

  • The other arm remains at the side of the body or on the back of the chair to maintain balance throughout the movement.

  • Once the right side is done, we proceed in the same way, but this time on the left side.

After having done the 2 postures, redo the mountain posture before the relaxation.

Schultz-type mini-relaxation

Finally, we finish with a relaxation lying on the ground or sitting on the chair as for the deep breathing of the beginning.

  • We close our eyes.

  • We take a moment to do deep breathing again to root ourselves well

  • We review our whole body.

  • We visualize that each part of the body on which we put our attention becomes heavier and more relaxed.

  • We start with our feet, ankles, calves and work our way up to the top of our head.🙂

**To be repeated every time you feel like relaxing.

And I'll see you soon for another yoga session!


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