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How to overcome the fear of change?

Did you know that the fear of change is a very common fear in human beings? It is also called: metathesiophobia. Yes! The fear of change is indeed a phobia. However, change is a great ally to evolve as a person, so we will give you some tips to overcome this fear.

What is the fear of change?

People with this phobia are led to believe that they have no control over their lives if things change. They are people who like to live in a routine, but are not able to move forward. They are often trapped in their past. Metathesiophobia can be explained by :

  • The fact that change is seen as a source of stress

  • The risks of change: assured gains or losses

  • The importance of role models: acceptance of change by authority figures

  • An allergy to uncertainty and a distrust of the danger of change

  • Aversion to inequality or the human tendency to compare oneself to others

Is it automatically a phobia to be "afraid of change"?

No! Like everything else in life, one can have experienced the fear of change without necessarily living in this anxious state at all times.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you think you may have metathesiophobia:

  • Am I afraid of the unknown?

  • Do I fear instability?

  • Am I afraid of losing control?

  • Am I unable to let go?

  • Am I afraid of being disappointed or disappointing?

  • Can't stand being vulnerable?

  • Am I afraid to fail, or even to succeed?

  • Am I afraid of not being loved, or of being abandoned?

What can be the consequences of this fear?

The consequences can be multiple and affect others as much as oneself. People who suffer from it are capable of unconsciously placing themselves in a situation of failure. They can also cause the abortion of a project, the ineffectiveness of a therapy, or the inability to maintain lasting relationships.

What are the reasons that prevent us from acting?

First of all, don't use excuses not to take action.

For example:

  • Repeating to yourself that this change "doesn't fit in the budget";

  • Repeating to yourself that this is not the right time;

  • Repeating to yourself that this is not the usual way of doing things, so it must not be the right way.

It's normal not to be 100% comfortable with change. Indeed, it is quite normal to not always be able to see the good side of things when faced with a change. It is also normal to be overly emotional about an impending change.

Stress and not being able to control a change are important reasons for this fear of change. However, this fear can be overcome!

How to overcome your fear of change in 8 tips :

  1. Get to know yourself and identify your different fears

  2. Take stock of your life and take action to regain control

  3. Boost your ability to adapt to better welcome change

  4. Take stock of your skills and recognize your high potential

  5. Learn how to prioritize and set realistic and achievable goals

  6. Be proactive, decide for yourself on the change and don't suffer from it

  7. Practice positive visualization to better project yourself

  8. Change your perception of change: think about the opportunity and not the risk

The first step towards accepting change is accepting yourself. Being authentic helps a lot to identify your fears and to free yourself from them.

I hope you will not hesitate to put these tips into practice!

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