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Laughing and its benefits

In a world where stress and productivity dominate, it is hard to take good care of yourself. And some people are more tempted to take drugs and supplements to help them concentrate at work or school, to have more energy, to be less stressed, to sleep better, etc. than to find a more natural way to do so.

Laughter can be a more natural way. It's not just about entertainment. Some studies suggest that laughter is a powerful antidepressant, reduces stress and even helps with digestion and sleep!

Not convinced?

Here are the 10 benefits of laughter on the body and mind:

  1. Laughter strengthens the immune system. Laughing stimulates the immune system and increases the number of antibodies present. These antibodies are important because they help defend the body. Thus, laughter helps the body to fight against cardiovascular, chronic and psychological diseases such as depression.

  2. Laughter fights negative emotions. Laughter calms anger and reduces sadness. It helps fight anxiety and depression. Depression is, in part, caused by an imbalance of hormonal transmitters in the brain. What laughter does is trigger an increase in the secretion of hormones (serotonin and endorphins) that regulate mood, resulting in a feeling of well-being.

  3. Laughter reduces stress. Cortisol being the stress hormone, laughter leads to a decrease in the concentration of this hormone in the blood. Moreover, from a muscular point of view, laughter allows us to relax our muscles and oxygenate our most important organ, our brain! This results in a great general relaxation.

  4. Laughter reduces blood pressure. Laughter promotes good blood circulation and improves the oxygenation of the heart. Through various studies, it has been found that laughter reduces blood pressure after a few minutes. Laughing is therefore an effective prescription when suffering from high blood pressure or heart disease.

  5. Laughter fights fear and discomfort. Laughter helps to lighten the mood. It's hard to laugh and be scared at the same time, so a little joke is always welcome in stressful or uncomfortable situations. Remember this before an important meeting or appointment!

  6. Laughter improves digestion. The belly contractions caused by laughter create a natural massage of the internal organs, which greatly aids digestion.

  7. Laughter reduces pain. Laughter increases pain tolerance because the endorphins released by laughter anesthetize the neural circuits of pain.

  8. Laughter strengthens relationships. Laughing together is a sharing of experiences and feelings that allows people to bond with each other. Laughter improves and maintains friendships and romantic relationships. When you see people laughing, you tend to want to join in. It is a connection that makes you want to participate in activities, gatherings, etc.

  9. Laughter reduces fatigue. Laughter contributes to sleep by freeing the mind and releasing body tension, which helps us to be less tired.

  10. Laughing helps to build self-confidence. Laughing allows us to face life's difficulties more serenely. Moreover, knowing how to laugh at oneself is excellent for one's self-esteem, because it allows one to recognize and accept one's mistakes. This is provided that it is not systematic self-deprecation, which is very harmful to morale.

Finally, laughter has its benefits, don't you think?

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